We are Chessington’s local Scout Group, part of the Royal Kingston District. We currently have a Beaver colony, a Cub pack, a Scout troop and an Explorer unit. 

The History of Chessington Scouts 

Scouting in Chessington began in 1930 with 1st Chessington Scout Group. Meetings were held in many odd places, from a hut on Winey Hill, a shed at the bottom of the old vicarage garden, Buckland School, to the present meeting place. In the period from 1956 to 1958 the first building was erected on the Garrison Road site; a further extension was built in 1967. The wooden building had a limited life span and thanks to the efforts of a dedicated band of leaders and supporters the freehold was purchased and the new HQ was opened in 1982. 

In 1951, 2nd Chessington (Methodist) Scout Group was founded. They met in the Methodist Church Hall. An amalgamation of both groups took place in 1985 and operated as 1st & 2nd Chessington (Methodist) Scout Group, subsequently being renamed “Chessington Scout Group” in 1989. The group still continued to meet in the two locations until 2007 when Garrison Lane became the primary HQ. 

Group Sponsorship 

Chessington Scout Group is sponsored by Chessington Methodist Church. The church provides support to the group and the land our headquarters stands on. We ask that all scouts attend St. Georges Day Parade and Remembrance Sunday. Other parades may be organised during the year which members are encouraged to attend. Friends and family are also welcome. We naturally respect the wishes of those who practice other faiths who may wish not to attend church parades. 


Chessington Scout Group HQ 
Rear of 33 Garrison Lane